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Rural Development Institute Leyte, Inc.

Main Office: #13-B San Joaquin St., Ormoc City
Field Office:
Bernardes Village, Brgy. Atipolo, Naval, Biliran
Tel. No/Fax:
(053) 255-5046; (053) 500-925

Operates in Leyte and Biliran and is actively involved in the processes of rural democratization and development in partnership with the marginalized rural sectors and people’s organizations. The three key elements of their development framework are: (a) the integration of environmental considerations into economic development, (b) the commitment to social equity, and (c) the improvement of the quality of life of people.


  • RDI-Leyte envisions the attainment of self-determining rural communities whose development is founded on equity, ecological sustainability, gender fairness, respect dor peoples’ rights and cultures, and the economic, socio-cultural and political empowerment of marginalized rural sectors and peoples (MRSP).


  • To actively and directly participate in the process of rural democratization and development (RDD) in partnership with the marginalized rural sectors and people (MSRP) their communities and organizations.
  • To actively work for the broadest possible unity, support and participation of various communities for RDD.
  • To implement programs and services that will enable the MSRP, their rural communities and organization attain self-reliance and greater participation in the process of RDD.


  • To work for the integration of equity, gender equality, empowerment and ecological sustainability in the process of RDD by engaging in area-focused all-sided development efforts.
  • To work for the expansion and integration of cooperatives (of men and women) through the advancement of inter-cooperative economic ventures formal establishment of federations.
To strengthen RDI-Leyte as an effective, efficient and gender fair machinery in the face of the growing number of threats to rural communities, increasing pace and scale of unsustainable development, expanded areas of work, and the need to attain greater self-reliance.

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